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Amtrak Auto Train Route Offers Great Views

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With daily runs between the Lorton, Virginia, in the Washington, D.C., area and Sanford, Florida, the Amtrak Auto Train is considered one of the most convenient ways for people to travel this expanse with their cars in tow.

Passengers onboard this Amtrak route often wonder what's in store for them when they choose this option for moving or vacationing.


Beyond the onboard perks, such as a dinnertime meal and breakfast, this particular trek offers some beautiful sights. Although much of the trip is generally traversed during the evening hours, passengers who keep their eyes open are in for some serious visual treats on this Amtrak route.

What to See Along the Auto Train Route

Once the expanse of North Carolina is cleared, the route carries on into South Carolina. Within this state, visitors might be able to glimpse some of the sights of Charleston, along with rather historic countryside.

The leg of the route that runs through Georgia is considered a great one for sightseers if the sun is up at the time of the crossing. The train passes through Savannah shortly after its Georgia arrival and then cuts through a lot of land where small wooden row houses still exist.

People who have enjoyed traveling this Amtrak route say the northern leg of the trip is rather industrial, but can be interesting especially for those coming from the south. Once the train passes into the south, the landscape and views tend to become incredible. Those with a penchant for history often find crossing this expanse is an experience just for the knowledge that great Civil War battles and troop movements took place all along the route.

The Amtrak route the Auto Train takes brings passengers and their cars through some of America's oldest states. While stops are infrequent, those with window seats can enjoy the scenery along the way. This, in and of itself, tends to be the biggest Auto Train perk. While the sightseeing is great, the trip is set up to ensure that passengers have plenty of time to kick back and relax between the north and the south.

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