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Paying the Amtrak fare and hopping on the Auto Train to go from North to South or vice versa makes sense on many levels. The trip saves personal vehicles wear and tear. Plus, it removes the burden of driving from the fare holder. But, what else does the Amtrak train fare provide exactly?

A whole lot!

In addition to saving a personal vehicle, such as a car, SUV or pickup truck, from hundreds of miles in wear and tear, typical Amtrak fare on the Auto Train includes several perks that passengers might not realize at first.

Your Amtrak train fare on the Auto Train comes with:

  • Overnight lodging. It takes roughly 17 hours to go from Lorton, Virginia, to Sandford, Florida, via the train. Amtrak wants its passengers to be comfortable along the way. As personal vehicles are stowed safely away, human passengers can enjoy their own private bedrooms, complete with bathrooms; or they can purchase roomettes with shared restroom accommodations as part of their Amtrak fare. Amtrak even offers special accommodations for passengers with small children or specific needs.
  • Food. Meals onboard the Amtrak Auto Train are included with the tickets regardless of the class a passenger is traveling in. This means a full dinner in the dining car crafted by one of Amtrak's chefs is on tap. Dinners are freshly prepared and often include regional wines. There are even special entrees for young passengers. Breakfast comes with your Amtrak train fare, as well.
  • Entertainment. The Lounge Car is open for passengers during an Auto Train trip. Here passengers will find entertainment, such as onboard movies, and the camaraderie of other passengers.
  • Scenery. The trip from Virginia to Florida or back again delivers on scenery in a very big way. Regardless of the season of travel, passengers are likely to see some breathtaking sites along the way. From the hustle and bustle of big cities to quaint rural areas in the south, passengers who have paid Amtrak fares can see it all.
  • Peace of mind. An Amtrak fare also means that Auto Train passengers do not have to deal with traffic jams, lights, paying for gas, worrying about overheating and more. All they have to do is get on board, kick back and relax.

There's more to an Amtrak fare than meets the eye when the Auto Train is the selected mode of conveyance. Passengers will find everything from fine dining to relaxation are all included for the price of their Amtrak train fare.

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