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What is Amtrak Express Shipping and how can it benefit you as a person or a business?

To answer the first question you have came to the right place.

Amtrak Express Shipping is where both you and your car or larger package can ride an Amtrak train at the same time. You can even send your car or packages on the train as a courier-type service. Many have used Amtrak Express to ship to their loved ones from state to state

However it doesn't matter what you are shipping, you need to be sure that you have a courier or someone to pick up your packages at the final destination.

You may or may not realize this but the United States Postal Service even uses Amtrak to help get their mail to many destinations nation wide.

Amtrak Express Shipping Benefits

When it comes to how Amtrak Express Shipping can benefit you as an individual or small business, well I have already mentioned part of this. Being able to ship your package to anywhere the train lines go, and at a more reasonable price than the other companies is just one benefit.

Another benefit is the car transportation service mentioned. With this innovative service, you can make a long trip in comfort, while giving yourself time to take care of business, get up and move around, or even take a nap, all without worrying about driving. Imagine you have a to travel say from one end of the Eastern Seaboard to the other, and when you get there you will have to rent a car, or even worse drive it day and night to get there on time. Well we all know driving more than a few hours at a time is dangerous, and the idea of having to rent a car when you get there a hassle. Now I know that you can rent one before hand, but just think of the expense and trouble of lugging around your things from the trains station to the rental company. Well, no more. Amtrak specializes in transporting both you and your vehicle to the same place at the same time.

Amtrak Express Shipping Limitations

You can carry on a small bag, briefcase, or whatever you need, and leave the rest of it packed in you car. No more loading and unloading, no more going into that big meeting tired from traveling.

Now I know you are wondering: Where is this service available and what guidelines do you need to be aware of? Well I have some information on these for you as well. The Amtrak Car Transport Service runs every day from Washington D.C. to Sanford Florida. While the Amtrak Express Service runs anywhere their trains do.

Your car cannot be more than 65-inches in height and have 4 inches between the bottom of the car to the ground: Sorry no low riders. If you have a luggage rack on your car, make sure it does not bring the cars height any higher than the 65-inche cutoff and do not put anything on it. Trucks, Vans, and SUVís have an 88 inches height restriction and you have to make prior arrangements. While motorcycles have their own set of rules as well and are as follows. Regular two wheeled motorcycles are welcome, they cannot exceed a height of 57.5 inches, this includes the windshield, and they must be at least 5 inches off the ground. At this time motorcycle side ears are not allowed on Amtrak.

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