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Amtrak Auto Train - Rules Of The Rails

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The Amtrak auto train is a fantastic way to get from the Northeast to the Southeast (or vice versa) without having to drive your vehicle yourself, but first-timers often have a lot of questions about the service.

To help put some concerns to rest, weíve put together a little primer on the Amtrak Auto Train service.

What stops are included on the Amtrak Auto Train?

The train runs nonstop from Lorton, Virginia, to Sandford, Florida, and back. There are no stops in between, but the two stations of call are located right near Washington, D.C., and in the heart of Central Florida.

How long does a typical trip take?

The average nonstop run for the Auto Train falls in at just under 17 hours.

Are there things to do on the train?

Amtrak car transport trains might specialize in moving vehicles, but they donít skimp on the human passengers either. The trains offer entertainment and food to help make the ride pass smoothly.

Can I sleep on the train?

The Amtrak Auto Train involves accommodations not only for a vehicle, but also the person or people who own it. There are several levels of sleeping accommodations, too. This means those who donít want to share lavatory space with others donít have to.

What kinds of vehicles are accepted?

The Amtrak car transport service handles all kinds of vehicle shipments. From trucks and SUVs to regular cars and motorcycles, the trains are equipped to handle them all. There are some pretty specific size requirements, however. Make sure these are understood before booking passage.

Can baggage be checked?

No. The Amtrak auto train only allows two carry-on bags per passenger. This means itís necessary to pack somewhat lightly for the trip.

Can baggage be stowed in a vehicle?

Yes. Luggage racks, however, are not allowed to be in use on the trip. Make sure baggage is stowed out of plain view, as Amtrak does not want to be responsible for lost or stolen items.

The Amtrak Auto Train service is a quick way for car and driver to traverse the Eastern Seaboard without actually having to drive. There are a few things passengers should know in advance though to ensure the ride is a great one.

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